YOC Launches Blind Ad Network

YOC, which operates a European premium mobile marketing network, has launched a blind mobile ad network, the Ubiyoo Marketplace, which is made up of blind network Ubiyoo World and premium blind network Ubiyoo Connect. YOC says the Ubiyoo Marketplace has already received more than 1 billion ad requests from publishers in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and S. Africa. In a blind ad network, advertisers can specify the types of site they want to advertise on, but not specific sites.
The blind ad network, Ubiyoo Marketplace is a globally designed, self service technology platform that brings advertisers and publishers together on the mobile Internet based on a variable price system. It offers advertisers the opportunity to efficiently place ads on the mobile Internet on the basis of a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand) price model that can be determined individually. Publishers can target their adverts by country, mobile network, handset type, time of day or theme of mobile web page, such as news, sports or social networking site. The premium blind network operates on similar principles, but contains a higher proportion of premium publishers.
YOCs heritage in our open premium network and the long-standing relationships we have developed with leading publishers across Europe stands us in good stead to launch a premium blind network, says YOC CEO, Dirk Kraus. Unlike other ad networks who have launched blind networks first, we are coming at this from a different angle and are enabling brands and publishers to harness the inventory available in the best possible way. Helping publishers to monetise their mobile websites efficiently and effectively is at the heart of what we do.
The Ubiyoo Marketplace is driven by YOCs AdServer technology which powers the optimised delivery of advertising tools, and offers a number of real-time reporting and analysis options. Publishers are guaranteed delivery of the campaigns with the highest clickthrough rates and cost per thousand to enable them to generate an increased turnover.