YOC launches subtitle feature to counter Facebooks sound-on video autoplay

In response to Facebook beginning to auto-play videos with sound as users scroll through their news feeds, German mobile advertising company YOC has introduced a subtitle feature for its inline video ads and understitial ads.

The subtitle function is said to enable, upon request, the integration of text units which display a video’s spoken content as it is being said in the video. However, when the sound is activated, these subtitles will be hidden.

The feature intends to prevent the loss of advertising contacts, due to the preset muting of videos, by drawing attention to an ad without the need for any sound.

“Our aim at YOC is to make ads useful, convenient and yet thrilling for all parties,” Evgenij Tovba, CTO at YOC. “Our non-intrusive product features like subtitles do not only fullfill the advertisers‘ and publishers‘ objectives but are also aligned with the users‘ behaviour. Users don’t get disrupted while advertisers can still raise the amount of advertising contacts.”