Yodel Aims for Clarity

David Murphy

Media planning company Monkey Communications has announced the launch of Yodel Digital, which it claims is the first UK agency dedicated to planning and buying advertising and search campaigns in the mobile Internet space.
Monkey says the agency has been set up to address the rapidly expanding number of opportunities on the mobile web, which is says is currently serviced only by generalist media agencies, or mobile site sellers selling ad space and buying it on behalf of advertiser clients. The company says its aim is to demystify the market, cutting through its complexity and providing clients with end-to-end knowledge of the medium. 
Monkey Managing Partner Mick Rigby will be the companys Chairman, with Mike McLaughlin, Monkeys Financial Director, taking on the role of Commercial Director. Former Media Campaign/MCS Associate Director Justyn Lucas is Managing Partner, taking charge of day-to-day operations. 
The current mobile Internet advertising marketplace is characterised by uncertainty and confusion, says Rigby. There just isnt an agency that can provide advertisers with the knowledge and dedicated skills to cut through this. Brands need to make informed choices and the best use of their budgets in mobile, and Yodel is totally geared up to delivering that to them. Its an exciting time in this medium, and were certain that the market is ready for the specialist offering that Yodel will provide.
The agency has already signed up two clients. The first is Cecure, which Yodela claims was the biggest-spending client in UK mobile media in 2007. Cecure is the company behind mobile gaming brands such as Aces Royal, and also provides white label sites for a number of other gaming brands. Yodel is also working with Guinness Premiership Rugby on a variety of projects. 
Yodel has also struck up relationships with Yahoo! and Vodafone, and says it is already working with Vodafone on a number of projects.
At Yahoo!, were hugely focused on building up the scale, reach and targeting that advertisers need on mobile, working with all key operators in the UK to help brands deliver their messages to key audiences, says Yahoo! Head of Mobile Sales, Matt White. These are still comparatively early days for mobile advertising, so there is no question that Yodel, with its intelligent planning skills and vast experience in this area, is going to be key to help educate clients get the most out of this medium.
Shan Henderson, Head of Mobile Advertising at Vodafone, says the operator is excited about the launch of Yodel in the UK mobile marketplace. 
We have worked with the team behind it since the inception of Vodafone Live as an advertising proposition, says Henderson. They are able to identify and secure value for clients, and deliver long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.
Yodel will have a staff of five at launch, based in Monkeys Camden offices.