Yomego Puts Video Footie Reports on the Mobile

Social media agency Yomego has teamed up with South African-based mobile sports content company, Livemobile to provide avatar-based videos of football match reports to mobile phones.
The avatars, created by Yomego, report on matches from the UKs Barclays Premier League. These report videos are delivered to subscribers mobile phones via an SMS click-through link or MMS message after the final whistle. Audio for the videos is provided by Yomegos partner, ICS. 
Avatar creation and content for mobile phones is part of Yomegos broader social media offering. Creative mobile content lets brands send breaking news or marketing information to subscribing consumers via mobile or online, in a way that is compelling and engaging, the company says. Yomego currently provides avatar-based mobile content on UK football leagues to T-Mobile and Vodafone in the UK.
For the Livemobile service, football fans subscribe to match videos of their team by texting their team name to the service. Currently, subscribers receive SMS updates every time their team plays, including alerts of key events such as goals scored or cards given. The Yomego-created content now means fans can also receive video match reports by MMS or SMS. Livemobile will also distribute the video reports through the major African mobile operators, and hence expand the service into at least 18 other African countries.
South Africa is an important market for Yomego. Its mobile market is growing fast, with mobile phones outstripping fixed-lines by eight to one; and demand for content is set to grow by 15 per cent per year on average until 2013, according to the analyst, Frost & Sullivan.
These kind of videos are a great way of engaging with consumers, says Yomego Managing Director, Steve Richards. They also provide a revenue stream to content providers or brands, who can charge consumers subscription fees for premium content.