You Want Video? Get Veedio

Cystelcom Sistemas, which supplies 3G mobile video solutions, has announced the launch of Veedio, a mobile social networking platform for 3G mobile operators that integrates with social networking and video sharing functionality via video calling. The platform enables operators to offer subscribers seamless interaction with their social networks via any 3G device. With Veedio, the company says, operators can easily deploy valued-added 3G-to-web video services such as instant video uploading to websites, and the creation of private video chat rooms.
Cystelcom notes that social networking communities and video-sharing sites have taken the world by storm and have changed the way people communicate and share information. Social networks have become some of the most heavily used websites in the world, and their popularity can be attributed to the easy-to-use communication experience these sites provide, and the fact that social networks are the number one platform for creating and sharing content.
But, says Cystelcom CTO David Ramirez:
Currently mobile-to-web video services in social networking are somewhat limited and dont always work well. While some sites support mobile services like uploading multimedia, most of these services are restricted to specific phone brands and models, and usually require you to install software and follow a series of steps to upload video, or tend to have problems related to mobile browsers.
Cystelcom says that Veedio improves the mobile social networking communication experience by adding more functionality to social networks. By bridging communication between mobile users and web users, Veedio seamlessly integrates any 3G device with personal networks, giving mobile users live bidirectional, mobile-to-web communication.
This means mobile users can instantly record, upload and share video in real time directly from their 3G phone to their social networking sites without having to use cumbersome methods, says Ramirez.
Users can also can create private multi-party video chat rooms and invite their friends whether they are on a PC or a mobile. These rooms enable up to six people to chat simultaneously via bi-directional video calling between web users and 3G devices. Users simply invite friends to participate and they automatically receive notification via SMS or email with instructions on how to enter the room.
Veedio also supports additional revenue-generating services, with risk-sharing business models such as ad-supported free content and location-enabled services.