YouAppi launches ReAppi retargeting solution

David Murphy

App marketing firm YouAppi has launched ReAppi, a retargeting technology solution utilizing best practices gleaned from three years of retention campaigns.

It’s a fully-managed programmatic app retargeting solution which reactivates recent installs or other upper funnel intents such as app engagements, tutorials, and registrations, to convert down the funnel. Existing users are re-engaged to increase games played, orders, or purchases and upsell valuable users into returning users.

Marketers can continuously monitor campaign incremental lift according to revenue, conversion rate or user lifetime value, based on the performance of the test group (users exposed to the app retargeting campaign) versus the control group (users not exposed to any ads). Marketers also have access to a real-time dashboard including campaign performance insights according to KPIs, ad units, devices, audience segments, and other data points.
YouAppi's development team has created models of optimization based on the lessons learned running three years of retargeting and re-engagement campaigns. The solution incorporates a broad range of variables into algorithm-based models to ensure the success of client campaigns based on proven campaign models.

Though marketers can run any creative unit with ReAppi, the platform includes tools to dynamically create personalized ads for each audience segment with the most relevant creative and call-to-action based on behavioural and demographic data.

Global online travel search engine tapped YouAppi to retarget users to increase flight bookings while maintaining a strict booking eCPA through a campaign that pays for itself by achieving a 100 per cent ROI. By retargeting users with personalized ads based on their product preferences and in-app actions, optimized via A/B creative and calls-to-action tests, YouAppi exceeded the eCPA goal while increasing purchases by 37 per cent, with an average ROI of 110 per cent.

“We made life difficult for YouAppi by setting cost, revenue, and volume KPIs, and they exceeded our expectations in all three,” said Monika Fabryova, display manager at “YouAppi delivered for thanks to a strong team with extensive retargeting experience backed by proprietary technology and a dashboard for real-time campaign performance monitoring.”