YouAppi Rolls Out Video Mobile User Acquisition Ads

YouAppi-OneRun.pngMobile customer acquisition firm YouAppi is rolling out a new solution that provides marketers with video mobile user acquisition tools, enabling them to take advantage of the strong user adoption of video.

Digital video ad spending is rising faster than search and display revenues, with spending in the US predicted to reach $13.3bn (£8.8bn) by 2020, and mobiles share of video to reach 50 per cent by then.

YouAppis OneRun mobile user aquisition platform now enables marketers and agencies to include video ads in user acquisition campaigns. Initial tests by the company have shown these are especially effective when targeting user cohorts in the games, lifestyle and entertainment campaigns.

Through the firms analytics tools, clients can also benefit from automated technology which offers category and sub-category level insights into types of applications and activities that a user is engaging in, based on their interests and usage patterns.

“With video a strong performing acquisition platform for key user cohorts, YouAppi is expanding our OneRun platform to include video user acquisition campaigns,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO and founder of YouAppi. “By utilising YouAppis Actionable Cohort Analysis technology, were able to use our algorithms to uncover the most relevant categories and sub-categories to target with video-based user acquisition campaigns to deliver users with the greatest lifetime customer value.”