YouAppi Unveils Mobile Customer Acquisition Solution

  • Wednesday, December 10th, 2014
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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YouAppi-OneRunData-driven customer acquisition firm YouAppi has unveiled a new mobile solution which uses predictive algorithms to analyse the usage and spending habits of over 200m mobile consumers.

The OneRun Mobile Customer Acquisition Solution focuses on post-campaign conversions, aiming to deliver customer lifetime value rather than installs or downloads.

The algorithms help identify and target customers who offer the best prospects for any given app, evaluating 25 data parameters in real-time, including customer behaviour and interests, location, time and geographic data.

“Based on the performance of YouAppis technology, were so confident in our ability to go beyond the install that we incorporate client profitability metrics into our pricing,” said Moshe Vaknin, founder and CEO of YouAppi. “Rather than charge a flat CPI, our pricing model is directly correlated with post conversion performance and is continuously updated and optimised.”

“At Moburst we are constantly striving for high quality user acquisition through constant optimisation of targeting and content,” said Ithai Eldan, senior media manager at Moburst, who helped test the solution. “We work with YouAppi to improve the quality of users we bring to our clients by understanding which of their customers engage and drive the highest lifetime value, and by that improve our clients ROI significantly.”