YouAppi Unveils Six New Anti-fraud Tools

you appi logoMobile growth platform YouAppi has introduced six new diagnostic tools for its OneRun solution aimed at combating mobile ad fraud, with the hope of creating a dynamic solution that can address the evolving range of illicit activity aimed at mobile users.

“With new mobile fraud tactics being developed daily, the mobile app ecosystem needs to take fraud prevention very seriously to safeguard customer acquisition campaigns while protecting users,” said Moshe Vaknin, co-founder and CEO of YouAppi. “At YouAppi, were rolling out a new version of OneRun in order to tackle the range of mobile user acquisition fraud from multiple points.”

The cost of ad fraud across mobile and desktop is estimated to be at $7.2bn (£5.45bn) currently, and is set to rise to at least $50bn by 2025 as methods grow increasingly complex and fraudsters develop new ways to circumvent existing security.

By providing a series of versatile tools rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, YouAppi is hoping to create an agile system for identifying and combating mobile ad fraud. The new tools for its OneRun Growth Marketing Platform include real-time IP blacklisting, click validity analysis, hourly install and conversion analysis and continuous automated app scanning.

“As the mobile channel is relatively new and its detection not as mature, fraudsters are turning to it in the hopes they will have an easier time perpetrating fraud initiated from mobile devices,” said Andras Cser, vice president and principal analysts for security and risk professionals at Forrester.

YouAppi deals with 200bn monthly impressions, served to 1.5bn mobile profiles spread over 200 countries. As the companys technology teams add new functionality such as the new fraud solutions, its media management team leverages its scale to understand client KPIs, optimise campaigns and ensure efficiency.

YouAppi plans to continue adding new anti-fraud analysis tests and solutions in the future to to address the new mobile fraud tactics being used and ensure both consumers and publishers remain safe as more and more ad budget shifts to mobile.

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