Your Plyce or Mine?

David Murphy

Plyce Start-up Plyce has taken the wraps off its Europe-focused mobile social networking app of the same name for the iPhone.
Plyce is described by its founders as: a social network that connects people and places. To use it, download the app to your iPhone, then launch it when youre out and about. It will show you what places from the Plyce database are nearby. The database includes over a million places across Europe,  and you can add new places if they're not already on the database.
Plyce has strong privacy controls. Users can decide when to check in, and with whom to share that information; either just with friends, or publicly. Home addresses and the location of other personal places are always hidden to people who are not the users friends. Once checked in, users can add comments or pictures to places, and share information either with their friends or with all Plyce users. If they share check-in information, either with friends or publicly, their friends, or all Plyce users, can see where they are.
"Plyce is first and foremost a service that lets you know where your friends are, and discover new places," says Plyce Founder and CEO, Martin Destagnol. "With Plyce, when you go out on a Saturday night, you can tell which friends are out nearby, and parties can get started on a whim."