YouTube Premium and Music surpasses 100m subscribers

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have surpassed 100 million subscribers across over 100 countries, the streaming giant has revealed.

The figure includes users who are on free trials, however, the tech giant didn’t break down how many users are on YouTube Music compared with YouTube Premium.

In November 2022, YouTube revealed YouTube Music and YouTube Premium reached 80 million paying subscribers combined.

In a blog post, YouTube VP of Product Management, Adam Smith noted: “YouTube Premium helps maintain a thriving creator and artist community, providing them with an additional source of revenue from subscriptions.

“From small beginnings to a community of 100M across more than 100 countries, we’re grateful to our subscribers for their support.”

In a separate post, YouTube Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen said: “In 2015, many doubted a subscription model could thrive on YouTube. They said the market was crowded and our platform was too different.

“Today – 100 million subscribers later – our distinctiveness is precisely what drives our success and why I still see so much room for growth.”