YouTube has tweaked its advertising algorithm to keep creators happy

YouTubeYouTube is updating its advertising algorithm to help YouTubers gain a better idea of how each of their videos is monetising, following complaints from creators on the site.

Back in August, YouTube introduced a new monetisation and appeals process to offer creators more transparency into how their videos are monetising. This system used machine learning to apply icons to videos that were either green – to represent they are fully monetised – or yellow – to show they have limited advertising or no ads at all. It also gave creators the chance to appeal their classification for humans to review.

With the update, the Google-owned video sharing platform promises to have fewer miscalculations which, in turn, will see a 30 per cent reduction in the number of videos receiving limited ads – meaning more advertising across the platform as a whole. Despite this, videos that were already manually reviewed prior to the update will not see their status change.

“As we continue to make improvements, we’ll keep you updated on changes,” said YouTube. “The creator community is incredibly important to YouTube and we’re grateful for your patience as we’ve worked to make our systems better, bring advertisers back to the platform and push updates that help protect your revenue.”

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