YouTube is letting creators know what catches the eye in VR videos

Tyrone Stewart

YouTube VR heatmapYouTube has introduced a way for VR video creators to know what their viewers are focusing on while watching their videos.

With heatmaps, creators will be able to see what parts of videos catch people’s attentions and how long they look at that part of the video. The feature is available to videos with over 1,000 views.

According to early research from YouTube, people spend 75 per cent of their time within the front 90° of a video. However, the most popular VR videos saw almost 20 per cent of views being behind the user, due to the overall higher engagement of the scenes. Furthermore, YouTube found that those using Google Cardboard tend to take a few seconds to get situated, so it’s important to wait a few seconds before jumping into the action.

In addition to heatmaps, YouTube is launching its first VR intensive program at YouTube Space LA. The VR Creator Lab, which enables creators to hone their VR skills, is currently accepting applications.