YouTube Launches iOS App

YouTube has launched an iOS app, to replace the version which came preinstalled on iPhones, but has been removed in iOS 6. Its a timely move, given that the iPhone 5 looks set to launch this week, with iOS 6 in tow.

The YouTube app was previously part of a licensing deal between Apple and Google, which came to an end recently. Whether thats as a result of Apple trying to distance itself from its rival – or vice versa – is unclear, but seems likely.

The app is apparently designed to be faster to navigate and search, as well as expanding sharing options – but, really, there are two key differences to keep in mind. First, that users will have to seek it out themselves on the App Store, rather than having it waiting on their home screen when they first turn on the device. Secondly, that it will introduce pre-roll ads, to monetise the app since the license deal with Apple has lapsed.

YouTube says it is currently working on an iPad-optimised version of the app, which should be released in the coming months.