YouTube makes it easier for creators to go live

Tyrone Stewart

YouTube LiveYouTube is rolling out a new livestreaming feature, making it easier for creators to broadcast live from their computers and phones.

Previously, YouTube streamers were required to setup a livestream using an encoder on computers. Now, they simply have to go to the YouTube Live dashboard or click ‘Go live’ in the YouTube header – without having to use any additional software or extra setup. The feature is currently only available on Chrome but will roll out to other browsers ‘soon’.

Creators will also be able to livestream directly from the camera app on select devices from Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung ‘in the coming months. YouTube says it hopes to bring more device manufacturers onboard throughout this year through its Mobile Live deep link.

Before creators can use either livestreaming functionality, they are required to verify their identity with their phone number to make sure everything about them is above board.