YouTube Purchases Mobile Video Startup Directr

YouTube_logo_2013.svgGoogles YouTube unit has acquired startup Directr, a mobile-video app used by small businesses to create marketing and advertising videos.

Directrs iOS app simplifies the process of shooting, editing and uploading short videos for the Internet, and is targeted at small businesses looking for marketing tools.

It currently charges for most versions of the app, but Google has said all versions of the app will be free once the startup completes the process of joining YouTube. Directrs employees will join YouTubes video-ads team.

No purchase price was disclosed for the deal, but the Directr team made a blog post, saying: “Our small band of scrappy film lovers set out two years ago to help regular folks make great video. Today, we are incredibly excited to take the next step on that journey and announce that we are joining the video ads team at YouTube.”