YouTube Reveals Christmas Ads Leaderboard

Tim Maytom

marks and spencer crimbo adYouTube has created a Christmas Ads leaderboard aimed at showcasing the most popular seasonal brand ads, according to view count on the video streaming service.

Currently, John Lewis' 'Monty the Penguin' advert sits at the top of the chart, with over 18m views. Its closest rival is Sainsbury's World War One-themed advert, which has had just under 13.5m views so far.

Several brands have managed to get multiple videos into the chart, with Tesco's official Christmas ad in eighth place, along with a video for Tesco Lifestyle at 11 and a video detailing the firm's Christmas lights in Wigan at 12. Waitrose placed twice, at 13 and 14, with its official ad and a video promoting its charity single.

According to Google, the three top trends revealed by the leaderboard are the importance of social media in spreading adverts, a focus on giving and charity in festive marketing, and a strong sentimental streak in the adverts produced.

"What the YouTube Christmas Leaderboard shows is that the brands that tug at our heartstrings are the brands which get us to open our wallets," said Patrick Collister, head of design for Google. "We simply don't want to be rational about Christmas."