YouTube launches vertical video ads

Tyrone Stewart

YouTubeYouTube is introducing vertical ads as it seeks to ‘provide a more seamless mobile experience for viewers’.

Vertical video ads have launched for Universal App and TrueView campaigns. Through the YouTube ad formats, advertisers are able to upload vertical video, and when a viewer sees the ad on their mobile device, the player will expand based on the dimensions of the video.

“Choice has changed the game,” said Neal Mohan, chief product officer at YouTube. “Viewers have more choice than ever, from the content they watch, to the apps they use. And, with over 400 hours of content uploaded every single minute, nowhere do viewers have more choice than on YouTube. There are now 1.9 billion monthly logged in users who come to YouTube every day to engage with video on their own terms. We’re investing in new innovative products that users love and help advertisers reach an engaged audience.”

According to YouTube, vertical video ads have been successfully tested by Hyundai, which used the feature in combination with their horizontal assets to introduce a new SUV model. The automaker reportedly saw a 33 per cent lift in brand awareness and an almost 12 per cent lift in consideration.