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Taiwanese real estate firm 'first' to use MR

Tyrone Stewart

Yungching Realty iStaging MRYungching Realty Group in Taiwan has become the ‘first real estate agency in the world to use MR (mixed reality) technology – with the help of AR/VR startup iStaging.

The MR Smart Living sensory experiences leverages both VR and AR to provide potential home buyers with greater wealth of information about properties.

“With mixed reality, the whole world around you becomes your viewing screen enriched with information,” said Sun-Ching Yu, president of Yungching Realty Group. “It’s an entirely new level of immersive experience. You might be sitting on your couch at home or taking a walk down a street, and now you can easily access a wealth of information.

“People don’t just buy a house, but also the whole ambience around it as well as the nearby lifestyle facilities. Convenience, prospects for future development, and the value of the property are crucial factors when it comes to the final decision. And that’s why our MR Smart Living service offers home buyers a way to make the most informed decision.”

iStaging has previously signed a deal with Saudi Arabian urban planning consultancy IMAR to promote visualisation technologies for the real estate industry.