Zad Gets Smart

David Murphy

Zad Mobile and Smart Communications, the Philippines leading wireless services provider, have launched of a range of mobile advertising services. The services will be delivered through Zad Mobiles Mobile Advertising Platform (ZMAP) that offers campaign planning, execution, and analysis across multiple mobile channels.
Operators worldwide are taking a close look at mobile advertising, and Smart intends to lead in this area, says Napoleon Nazareno, President and CEO of Smart, which had 28.3 million subscribers on its GSM network as of September 2007. We are using a model where we blend advertising into a range of value-added services. Given Smarts leading position, we will provide the advertising community with a targeted advertising channel of unprecedented reach. At the same time, we will put in place policies that protect the interests of our subscribers.
Smart chose Zad Mobile based on its ability to deliver relevant ads across a broad range of channels and mobile services. The ZMAP platform targets ads using proprietary algorithms and a sophisticated user model which captures subscriber interests, attitudes and propensities across multiple inputs. This is then matched up to appropriate ads, ensuring, the company says, relevance for the user, optimal use of inventory for the operator, and high response rates for the brand.
By joining the Zad Mobile Ad Network, advertisers and agencies can access this platform through easy-to-use web interfaces that offer sophisticated campaign planning and execution capabilities. Smart will present ad inventory on the platform and enable advertisers to reach targeted consumers.
Mobile advertising is the first true example of mass customization in advertising, says Zad Mobile CEO, Ori Sasson. Theres a wealth of information about the mobile user. Gathering it and making sense out of it requires clever technology. Using it to drive relevant mobile ads, while addressing subscriber concerns, is the sensible approach. Zad Mobile is innovating to lead in both these areas.