Zain Outsources to NSN

Mobile operator Zain is streamlining its mobile network operations to improve the quality of service and increase efficiency. As part of this process, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has been awarded a strategic five-year contract to optimize, modernize and manage Zains over 3,000 multi-vendor mobile networks sites in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The operator currently serves over 9 million customers across these three countries. The contract marks NSNs biggest multi-vendor outsourcing deal in the region and is one of the first supplier swap Managed Services deals of its kind in Africa.
NSN will also implement its Energy Solutions within the Zain network to reduce operating costs and power consumption by exploiting more efficient technology for an efficient and sustainable growth across multiple east African countries. NSNs off-grid site solution combined with Energy OPEX management are key components included in the deal.
As part of the agreement, approximately 350 Zain employees who work on networks operations in these three East African countries are planned to transfer to NSN. They will transfer with employment terms which are as favourable as their existing terms and will undergo further development and training in the latest wireless technologies.
Zain Africa CEO Chris Gabriel says he is confident that the outsourcing agreement will have a far reaching impact on the company and its customers.
Choosing Nokia Siemens Networks to help operate our networks in East Africa fits perfectly with our Drive11 business objectives of improving efficiency and the quality of our networks and operation, says Gabriel. As a result, we will be in a far stronger position to dedicate resources and assets to our customer-facing activities, continuing to improve customer support, developing and launching new products, services and mobile applications, as well as delivering on our Zain brand promise of A wonderful world.
NSN will take over complete responsibility for network operations, allowing Zain to focus on activities core to its business. NSN says it will leverage its strong global service delivery capabilities through its Global Network Solutions Center (GNSC) for faster time to market, faster, higher network and service quality and improved efficiency.
This deal is unique as its the first mobile network outsourcing contract in East Africa and with this we are able to capture strategic market share in the Managed Services arena that further strengthens our leadership position in this business, said Joerg Erlemeier, Head of the Middle East African Region at NSN. We will also modernize the network with our state-of-the art equipment for a sustainable and robust network that has the required capacity to capture the expected high customer growth within the next five years.