Zapp360 Launches Real Time Mobile Ad Platform


Zapp360 has launched its mobile ad platform for delivering location-based customised ads in real time.

The ad units themselves are fairly basic scrolling text banners, similar in appearance to a news ticker, which can be clicked by the user to either close the ad or follow the embedded link.

Zapp360 is making a virtue of this simplicity. The ads have a 140 character limit, a similarity to Twitter that doesnt seem to be coincidental. Because of the minimal creative required, Zapp360 says ads can be put together and distributed quickly in response to an event, whether its a breaking news story or a sudden change in weather.

Ad performance can be monitored in real time, and creative can be altered accordingly.

“Mobile advertising has grown in importance and is now worth over $14.3bn per year, yet many advertisers still have not updated their methods of reaching smartphone users beyond pushing through compressed versions of existing adverts,” said Zapp360 co-founder Jamie Estrin. “This lack of flexibility restricts brands and ultimately means a slower response to the market than would otherwise be needed to deliver the best results. Zapp’s platform is the breakthrough needed by the industry and empowers advertisers with a text-based creative that can be conceived and deployed within minutes.”

Zapp360 was founded in March 2013. It launched an initial beta test in November 2013, working together with brands including Phones4U, Asda, and TUI. A campaign during this period for Phones4U targeted at users of the iPhone 4, 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2 and S4 saw an average CTR of 1.31 per cent.