Zappar Issue a Crowning Glory for Tatler?

Publisher Condé Nast UK has partnered with Zappar to bring Augmented Reality to the June issue of its womens fashion magazine Tatler. The Diamond Jubilee edition of the magazine, which was  originally founded in 1709, has additional content that can be accessed when readers scan its pages with the Zappar app.

On the menu for this AR-enhanced issue are images which can be extracted from the magazine, a chance to virtually dress up as the Queen, using the Zapparel technology, with the prerequisite social media integration – but most excitingly, an animated corgi.

Kate Reardon, Editor, Tatler says, “I am ecstatically excited by the genius work Zappar have done for Tatlers special Jubilee Collectors Edition. Not only can you try on the crown jewels, but our regal corgi cover star comes to life. How thrilling is that?”