Zeemote Launches Android SDK

Zeemote has launched an Android SDK (Software Development Kit), enabling developers of Android games and applications to integrate support for the Zeemote JS1 Controller.

The Zeemote Android SDK supports Android versions 1.6, 2.0 and upward and offers developers the opportunity to differentiate their application by adding unique and interactive controls offered with the Zeemote JS1 Controller.

Current Zeemote developers can download the SDK here. New developers can register here. Registered developers have access to download the modified source code of the kwaak3 port project that integrates Zeemote JS1 game control for Android.
By integrating Zeemote SDKs into their existing and future applications, Zeemote says that developers can provide a superior mobile gaming experience across multiple supported platforms; deliver true analog game control; and enable multi-player mobile gaming, using two controllers with one device.

Zeemote says that in the next few weeks, it will announce a developer programme, which will provide support, promotion and “unparalleled routes to market” for game developers, including access to 100 million consumers a year.

“By adding the exciting Android SDK to our stable of supported platforms, we are able to give developers an excellent way in which to make their applications really stand out from the crowd,” says Jim Adams, Head of Business Development at Zeemote. “The Android community is proving itself to be wildly creative, pushing the boundaries of convention for mobile applications. When combined with the Zeemote JS1 Controller we expect to see some radical application creativity coming out of the Android community.”