Zeotap Launches Data Platform to Connect Operators and Developers

zeotap logoBerlin-based startup Zeotap has launched its data platform which aims to connect mobile network operators (MNOs) with the app and advertising ecosystem, enriching ad transactions and creating better customer experiences.

The solution anonymises data extracted from MNOs systems, employing a variety of signals to generate user and request-specific scores for developers and advertisers to enhance their marketing.

The platform makes some of the most comprehensive deterministic data sets that mobile operators maintain available to the mobile market for the first time, enabling both publishers and supply-side platforms to optimise their content and yield.

“2015 will be the year of smarter data-driven mobile advertising,” said Daniel Heer, co-founder and CEO of Zeotap. “From my experience, the carriers data resources are incredibly valuable and in many ways comparable to those of Google and Facebook. Yet, they are currently underutilised. Our platform leverages these resources to deliver value to all stakeholders – smarter decisioning for businesses and better smartphone experiences for consumer.”

The firm recently secured $1.3m (£831,000) in funding and has plans to expand its presence in Asia and develop an engineering team based close to San Francisco. It has partnerships with three large MNOs in Europe and is in advanced discussions with MNOs in the US as well as in select Asian countries.

“Our work with telecom operators as well as regulators in strictly legislated markets has helped us build a platform that eliminates data leakage and ensures every aspect of a transaction is entirely privacy-compliant,” said Projjol Banerjea, co-founder and Chief Product Officer.