Zespri partners with SeenThis to further minimize CO2 emissions from digital campaigns

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New Zealand-based growers’ cooperative, Zespri Group, its media agency, Mindshare, and adaptive streaming specialist, SeenThis, are pointing the way for advertisers seeking to balance greater sustainability and media performance, with the announcement of remarkable emissions savings from the recently-concluded ’Zespri SunGold’ campaign.

Zespri, the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, sells its products in more than 50 countries. Sustainability is a major focus for the company – it?sits at the heart of its purpose to help growers, communities, consumers and the environment thrive.

Streamed with SeenThis technology, the French “Zespri SunGold” campaign – which consisted of a series of IAB formats utilizing high quality video and images in display ad spaces – used an average of 39 per cent less data compared to delivering the same quality creative using conventional technology, which results in 12 per cent lower carbon emissions associated with delivering the creative.

Nor did the campaign sacrifice performance for greater sustainability: it saw a video start rate of 85 per cent and a completion rate of 77 per cent for its best-performing formats.

SeenThis proprietary adaptive streaming technology actively reduces the amount of data required to deliver content, eliminating “data waste” – data transferred unnecessarily, not “consumed”.

Ads load instantly with the streaming being adapted to the users’ conditions and the assets optimized for the highest quality that can be perceived by the human eye. This is not only much more efficient from a media performance point of view, but is also a more sustainable way of delivering digital advertising.

Mohamed Akouh, Senior Display & Programmatic Strategist at Mindshare said: “Mindshare has worked hand in hand with SeenThis and Zespri to achieve better display performance while positioning itself at the forefront of innovation in sustainable advertising. We are very pleased with the results and the potential of SeenThis technology, which enables us to actively minimize the carbon footprint of campaigns while improving media performance.

“This partnership is part of Zespri’s approach to better understand the carbon impact of its media campaigns, and to reduce it,” said Mélanie Lacomme, Marketing Manager France for Zespri. “We began this process in 2021 by measuring the carbon impact of our campaigns with GroupM, choosing advertising agencies based on their performance but also their commitment to carbon reduction initiatives. Every year, we try to go one step further, aiming now also at reduction and not only compensation.”