ZTE Handed CDMA Brief

ZTE Corporation, which provides telecoms equipment and network solutions, has signed a 1.33 billion RMB (127 million) contract with China Telecom Corporation for the first phase of a CDMA network construction project to begin this year, that will address both wireless and service networks.
Under the agreement, ZTE will provide China Telecom with CDMA wireless equipment, technical documentation and services worth 1.27 billion RMB, in addition to service network equipment, technical documentation and services valued at 60 million RMB. Alternative contracts for the construction of the core network and for the provision of additional telecoms equipment are expected to be agreed upon by the two companies soon.
ZTE says that it was selected by China Telecom as a result of its cutting-edge CDMA technology solutions and services. The company says it is committed to providing China Telecom with high quality products and services that will help the company meet their CDMA wireless network deployment requirements and, as a result, allow them to offer subscribers the best wireless network applications and services.