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ZTE to Launch Smartwatch in 2014

Kirsty Styles

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Despite a not wholly enthusiastic audience for companion smartwatches, China's ZTE is the latest company to announce plans to offer one, slated for Q2 2014.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, an exec from LTE said the watch would be similar to devices already on the market, but would be cheaper in an attempt to appeal to Chinese consumers. The company would follow a launch in its native country with a push in the EU and US.

A report by GfK found that the most popular type of wearable tech is a standalone smartwatch. Much enthusiasm for companion-style devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear are slashed when people are shown the cost of such devices. Qualcomm will be the latest company to start selling its companion smartwatch on 2 December - with a pricetag of $349.99.