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Zybor Unveils Alert Suite

David Murphy

Zybor plc has announced the launch of its Alert Suite mobile marketing services that combine MMS technologies with Zybors own compression algorithms to create a new service that can deliver feature-rich messages of up to 30 pages in length.
To demonstrate the flexibility of the Alert Suite, Zybor has initially created eight individual flavours of the service that target specific markets. These are Property Alert, Motor Alert, Aero Alert, Boat Alert, Date Alert, Motorbike Alert, Data Alert and Job Alert.
Each Alert message can contain a combination of text, images, video and sound and can be up to 30 pages long, depending upon the content mix. For example, a text only message can consist of a maximum of 10,000 characters (approximately 1,700 words) compared with SMS text limits of 160 characters.
Alert Suite is a highly adaptable service, best suited to environments where the speed of receipt of visual content is paramount, and where recipient response is highly desirable says Zybor Chairman Andrew Wallas. This is why our first raft of services specifically target high-pressure, fast-turnround sales environments such as estate agents and recruitment agents. We are now working on several new versions, including a service designed specifically for the advertising industry that could revolutionise the way individual campaigns are designed and managed.