Distimo Reveals the Fastest Growing App Markets

Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey are the fastest growing markets for iOS apps outside of Asia, according to a report from Distimo.

Revenues generated by iPhone apps have seen yearly growth rates ranging between 54–115 per cent across the four countries – and between 75—91 per cent for iPad apps. Android apps in Russia in particular have seen a 250 per cent growth in revenue – more than twice the growth rate of the US.

There are, as youd expect, plenty of differences between the four countries. While Books are among the top four app categories for Revenue in Russia, theyre among the least popular in Turkey and Brazil. Gaming apps have driven the most growth in Brazil – since the category became available in the App Store, in April 2012, revenues increased by over 80 per cent in a single month.

Of the four countries examined, paid apps proved least popular in Turkey, where only two paid apps are bought for every 100 free apps downloaded. In Turkey, along with Russia, free apps with in-app purchases account for more than half of the total revenue.