Mini-USB Marketing for Android Users

Visible Computing has launched a mini-USB marketing tool – Vizkey – for Android handsets. When the USB is inserted, it launches a branded webpage to promote a product or service.

The advertiser can change the promo whenever they like – even after deployment- as the message is stored in Visible Computings cloud. The shape, size, materials and branding can all be customised.

The company says that as it is read-only hardware – which costs just £1-£2 – it is completely secure and the unique ID  enables tracking and analytics.

The USB is compatible with the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the OS or above, as this came with updated functionality to allow the port to take in data, as well as being used for charging.

The company says that its Vizkey USBs for PCs and Macs has achieved response rates 20 times higher than comparable media. A campaign with Groupon saw a 24 per cent response rate, with a 8.85 per cent coversion rate.

Although they have not deployed the mini-USB campaign yet, they are hoping to transfer this into the mobile world.