Orange Launches Pocket Landline

Orange UK has launched Pocket Landline, which offers small and medium-sized businesses a local landline number that rings directly through to their mobile, so they never miss a customer call.

Many businesses choose to keep a landline as it could be seen as a mark of an established or local business with an easily recognisable area code. However, this limits access to calls when someone is out of the office. Pocket Landline offers the benefits of having a location-specific number, without having to have a permanently-staffed fixed office base, helping businesses to keep costs down and work more flexibly. If it isn’t convenient to answer their mobile, customers can use a voicemail system that takes messages and emails them to the customer as MP3 audio files.

Pocket Landline is available on a range of tariffs. One landline number routing to one Orange mobile number costs £15 per month. Up to 10 landline numbers to one Orange mobile number costs £15 per landline number. One landline number to up too five Orange mobile numbers costs £20 per month. And one landline number to up to 10 Orange mobile numbers costs £30 per month.

Users manage the Pocket Landline service via a web portal. Here, they can create  bespoke announcements for incoming calls and change the availability of their number(s) by time of day or date.

There’s more information about the service here.