ROK Brings Ads to FreeBe TV

ROK Entertainment Group, the UK-based mobile technologies, applications and entertainment development company, has reached an agreement with Utarget Mobile, the video mobile advertising arm of Utarget Networks, for the purchase of pre-roll advertising to be broadcast on ROKs FreeBe TV.
FreeBe TV is ROKs free Mobile TV service, promoted as one of the original partners of Nokias Video Centre service. FreeBe TV for Nokia Video Center was launched in October 2007. The services is aimed at the growing number of mobile users who have GPRS data package included in their mobile phone tariff.
ROK notes that FreeBe TV is the worlds only free, mass-market, 2.5G streamed Mobile TV service and includes live streaming TV channels, allowing users to choose from Mixcast TV, Sports Bloopers, Celebrity TV, Studio 411, Xhaled Sports, Classic Commercials and Fun Little Movies.
Utarget is a leading UK online advertising network*. It offers a unique combination of high impact advertising formats, volume audience reach and precision targeting. Its success is based on delivering consistently high performing online advertising campaigns for major brands and direct response clients.
Utargets fully managed network covers more than 630 UK sites, reaching over 20 million users and a wide range of socio-demographic groups. Utarget specialises in online video advertising and, in June 2006, launched UtargetTV, the UKs first online video advertising network which is now delivering more than 10 million video ads each month. Utarget Networks has an established German office and has now expanded into the French and Italian markets.
We will be announcing the first sponsors for FreeBe TV before the end of the month, says ROK CEO, Laurence Alexander. And, with Nokia and Utarget, we look forward to growing the viewership of FreeBe TV into the millions across the globe.