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Appscend Launches PHP App Development Framework

David Murphy

Cross-platform app development firm Appscend has launched a PHP framework, DolphinPHP, which will enable developers to build and manage native cross-platform apps in PHP code.

The move means that web developers can create native mobile apps for iOS and Android using their preferred programming language, opening the door to mobile to the largest community of developers who can continue to work in the PHP language they know best.

Appscend says the DolphinPHP framework will speed-up the development of native mobile applications, while also relying on a rich set of tools for commonly-needed tasks and an intuitive structure to access them.

The company says the move aligns with its initial vision on native mobile apps: cross-platform development frameworks, backend services and management tools safely integrated in cloud infrastructure to create interactive experiences that drive simple and fast-paced user engagement.

There are full details on installing DolphinPHP here.