Company profile: Inskin

Mobile Marketing speaks to Inskin CEO Matthew Newcomb about why high impact marketing trumps traditional marketing, the importance of brand lift and exciting ad tech partnerships that drive consumer engagement.

Mobile Marketing: Why is high impact advertising starting to gain traction?

Matthew Newcomb: In a nutshell – because it works. More specifically, powerful creative content placed within premium, relevant environments drives brand awareness, recall and uplift. High impact formats can comfortably generate 15x the attention of standard display ads. Creativity is key and can make or break an advertising campaign; according to Nielsen, it is responsible for 47 per cent of the sales uplift. High impact formats can easily be bought at scale across thousands of trusted, reliable publisher sites, so any advertiser can launch a compelling brand campaign that really stands out.

MM: Discuss your game-changing partnership with conversational advertising platform Cavai.

MN: Cavai is a super business – our exciting partnership has integrated their conversational functionality into Inskin’s multi-screen solutions. It provides opportunities for conversations between brand and user to be delivered in the upper-funnel, while giving consumers the ability to have a one-to-one interaction in an eye-catching environment with popular brands. It’s another new and exciting solution to complement our existing choice of features and formats – advertisers have been loving it!

MM: What does brand lift tell us about campaign performance?

MN: Brand lift measures the impact of a campaign on consumers perception of that brand, so its really important. Advertisers want to know their money is well spent so it is great to see publishers like The Guardian investing in brand and attention metrics. Apparently they have seen significantly increased brand lift scores for their advertisers.

Brand and attention are intertwined in the sense that without getting a consumer’s attention there can be no impact – no one will notice what you say! As before, creative – both the idea itself and the execution – are integral and often under-appreciated in digital.  

MM: How can brands make a social impact with their advertising campaigns?

MN: Profit and purpose are often contradictory for brands. But new and clever ways to do something good are emerging. We have recently partnered with Right Thing. Media – existing creative is enhanced with social impact messaging and calls to action that aim to inspire audiences to act. Right.Thing Media solutions have social and environmental impacts at their core, including generating new funding for charities and non-profits. They have a very impressive business and we are delighted to be able to help scale their good work.