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Flingo Launches Direct Response TV Ads

Kirsty Styles

Flingo, a creator of smart TV apps, has announced a partnership that will bring interactive video advertising to its social TV platform in a bid to engage multi-screen viewers. Using Innovid’s iRoll pre-roll ads, brands will be able to create interactive advertising content on Flingo’s recently launched Samba TV platform, which comes pre-installed on many smart TVs.

Samba gives viewers more information to accompany live or on-demand programming via synchronised second screens. Interactive ad content, including games, contest entries, social apps and targeted offers, can be delivered directly on the TV or any other connected device.

"Samba will transform how audiences interact with TV. Together with Innovid, we are enabling advertisers to bring the rich interactions and measurability that brands love about online advertising within TVs for the first time ever," said Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Flingo. "With Innovid we will fulfill on the promise of a truly interactive experience for Smart TVs."

Flingo is currently available on 18m screens in 118 countries worldwide and boasts some impressive entertainment partners, including CBS, Fox and MTV, as well as tech companies like Samsung, Google and LG.