FunMobility Launches AppWidget Mobile Engagement Platform

FunMobility has commercially launched its AppWidget Mobile Engagement Platform, an integrated SaaS mobile marketing suite. The platform, FunMobility says, is designed to boost user engagement and improve mobile relationship management, enabling empower marketers and developers to rapidly launch end-to-end mobile strategies from one place.

AppWidgets are cloud-based, HTML5 plug-ins which can improve the performance of native iOS and Android apps, adding the ability to send rich content and promotions via standard push alerts, segment and target users, and analyse results.

“Mobile consumers today are bombarded by endless distractions in an ocean of digital noise. We created AppWidgets to capture and extend user attention via easily deployed, content-rich mobile marketing solutions,” says FunMobility CEO Adam Lavine. “The AppWidget platform widens the availability of next-generation mobile engagement to any business looking to better connect with mobile audiences in more actionable and meaningful ways.”