Layar Launches Stiktu v2.0

Layar has launched version 2.0 of Stiktu, its user-generated AR app. Stiktu enables users to tag real world objects with their own words and images, which can then be accessed by anyone scanning the same objects using the app.

The version broadens the functionality of the image editor, adding more brushes and fonts; and adds feed updates for posts users have commented on, and flagging for inappropriate or offensive content.

We caught up with Layar co-founder and head of platform & community Claire Boonstra at yesterdays AR Summit in London, and she explained where Stiktu fits in Layars plan. “Stiktu is our R&D project,” she said. “Its an experiment, to try to learn what 2.0 will mean for the medium of AR – when more users come in, and interaction kicks in. Its an entirely separate branding and positioning to other Layar products. Its really the opposite of the usual AR story – its great to show off, but whats the daily usage? Whereas the people who use Stiktu seem to be addicted to it.”

You can watch a video of the app, and its updated features, in action below.