Spire Wearable Measures Your Breathing to Improve Stress

spire and chargerSan Francisco-based startup Spire has developed a wearable device capable of monitoring breathing patterns, with the aim of helping lower stress levels and improve state of mind in its users.

The wearable mHealth device measures respiration patterns and tracks periods of tension, relaxation and focus, and then provides push notifications and real-time activity recommendations to help users improve their health and wellness.

“Breathing patterns are incredibly sensitive to state of mind,” said Neema Moraveji, co-founder and chief product officer at Spire. “Spire measures over 10 characteristics of each breath cycle to assess levels of stress, focus and more. Spire is like a weather app for your day – giving you insight into your different states of mind along with fitness data.”

As well as monitoring breathing, the device also senses activity and body position, and notifies users about events such as particular periods of stress, offering guided activities to shift state of mind such as breathing exercises or relaxing walks.

“We created Spire to address a significant hole in the marketplace,” said co-founder and CEO Jonathan Palley. “Many activity tracker owners have grown dissatisfied that their device ignores 86 per cent of their day by tracking only movement. Whether in the gym, at work, or commuting in a car, Spire empowers users to perform their best throughout the entire day.”