The Adjust guide to mobile fraud

Mobile fraud poses a serious problem for everyone in the mobile advertising industry, from publishers to measurement partners. Not only does it cause damage to workflows, and drain away revenue, but it also can damage your data, ruining potential strategies before theyve even begun.

Our guide will help you understand the sources of this fraud, showcase why it’s such a problem, and detail the ways we can stop it for good.

From spoofed attribution methods to spoofed user methods and the negative impact fraudulent traffic can have on your app campaigns and datasets, this guide is your go-to resource to understand the threat and grasp measures to combat it.

With this ebook, youll master concepts like:

  • Click Spamming
  • Click Injection
  • SDK Spoofing
  • In-app Bot Fraud 

With the Ultimate Guide to Mobile Fraud, you have everything you need to keep fraud out of your mobile marketing strategy.

Download the guide to get started!