2019 Awards Preview: Most Effective Launch Campaign

Ahead of our 2019 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, staged in partnership with our headline partner Dynata, and our partners DAX and TabMo, well be previewing the nominees in each category, giving you a glimpse at the high quality of entries weve seen this year. In today’s preview, we look at the campaigns shortlisted for the Most Effective Launch Campaign Award.

Ford Trucks International, Ingage and AdColony – FMax Dynamic End Card Campaign 
Ford Trucks launched a F-Max truck in Romania. During the campaign, its main focuses were on brand awareness and engagement. Therefore, a campaign was created on mobile, the place where audiences spend most of their time.

Ingage worked on a media plan to raise awareness and engagement in Romania, while AdColony worked on the creative of a dynamic end card, which emphasised the size of the F-Max and enabled viewers of the video campaign to interact with it.

The campaign reached 279,088 completed views and 309,396 impressions with 90 per cent completion rate. The dynamic end card doubled the benchmarks with seven per cent engagement rate and had 20,345 total engagement. 52 per cent of the audience took more than one action via the dynamic end card.

Radiant & Moburst: The launch of the Say app
Radiant wanted to create a social app that opens the door to a secure, wholesome, private environment for family conversation, free from interruptions. However, it started out on its journey without knowing the best way to make inroads in the family structure.

Working with Moburst, it started testing two sets of creatives: one aimed at parents, the other aimed at teens. These tests made it clear that the app needed to target parents, so it launched another set of tests to see which messaging and visuals resonated the most with this group.

A combination of Apple Search Ads, Facebook, and targeted media buys were used to reach the target. During this process, media allocations were being continually optimised to reduce cost of the app install and deeper events within the conversion funnel.

Say launched in late April 2019 with the goal of achieving 30,000 installs from the campaign’s media budget. In three months, it reached 58,234 installs, exceeding its target by 98 per cent. Cost per install was lowered from $4.38 to $1.77 and cost per invite sent was way down from $37.01 to $8.89.

Sprint – Sprint Complete
For the fiscal year 2018, the Sprint Handset Insurance Business was expected to decline by five per cent due to a higher digital mix (lower sales rates) and a tired traditional brand. To reverse the decline, Sprint launched Sprint Complete and transformed the core proposition of an insurance offering, from a rare but significant negative event-based product to a positive one. It took away the fear of a cracked screens by introducing “no questions asked” $29 repair service. It also reduced the need for an expensive high-memory through the launch of an unlimited storage app for photos and videos. And it introduced one-touch access to a live, US-based technical expert that empathises with customers and can help them with virtually all their mobile technical needs.

Sprint Complete was promoted in store and through telesales, and web channels including social media. In December 2018, paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram delivered over 30m impressions in less than four weeks.

Video ads featuring Sprint’s brand ambassador Paul Marcarelli and Sprint’s sassbot robot aired on Sprint’s YouTube channel, and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On YouTube, influencers such as Ten Second, Cute Girls Hairstyles and Brianna White promoted Sprint Complete to their fan base, achieving over 1m views.

Ultimately, Sprint established brand equity by creating positive awareness, developing a brand personality and building a personal relationship with its customers by keeping true to its brand promise: “When life happens, we’ve got your back.”

The renovated Sprint Complete product won back customers’ hearts by helping them stay more productive and was regarded as one of the best radical product innovations in Sprint’s recent history. It sold better and displayed lower churn, despite a base migration to a $2 higher price point.

The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony takes place in London on 14 November. To book your place at this celebration of the best in mobile marketing, click here.