Grabyo Rolls Out Grabyo VIP

Grabyo HenryLive video platform Grabyo has unveiled Grabyo VIP, a native video-sharing app that aims to enable celebrities to turn social media engagement into revenue, while giving media companies and content rights holders a growing talent-based network for enhanced video distribution on Facebook and Twitter.

Grabyo’s live video platform is used by content owners to monetise social video. Using its cloud-based studio, rights holders can instantly create clips from any live broadcast TV or IP video feed and share them in real time with integrated advertising and promotional assets. The company has strong reach across the social and video ecosystem, including partnerships with Facebook and Twitter for native video sharing and monetisation. It has served over a billion impressions in the last quarter thanks to new deals with major US rights holders such as the National Hockey League.

The Grabyo VIP mobile app powers multi-platform distribution of native video – i.e. autoplay on Facebook and in-line video playback on Twitter – and offers the ability to share native video with integrated sponsorship and advertising assets. It is available to all verified users on Facebook and Twitter, including celebrities, media publishers, rights holders and brands.

“Grabyo VIP is a powerful way for capturing what’s happening right now and sharing it with fans, while providing compelling inventory to brands for social video campaigns,” said Grabyo CEO, Gareth Capon. “This is not a consumer consumer app – we’re targeting rights holders and global stars with the largest social media followings.”

Additionally, Grabyo VIP enables rapid discovery and re-sharing of premium video content that has previously been distributed across the Grabyo platform by broadcast and rights holder partners. Users simply follow the partners’ accounts on Grabyo VIP to access their videos, which are surfaced in-feed within the app and updated in real time. Grabyo’s customers can use Grabyo VIP network to accelerate organic discovery, engagement and monetisation of real-time video clips.

“Our data shows that talent can generate up to 20 times the engagement per fan than content shared by traditional rights holders,” added Capon. “This superior engagement, combined with the unparalleled reach of star talent, highlights the scale and potential of this new business model.”

Grabyo VIP is available for download now on Apple’s App Store for verified Twitter and Facebook users.