Mobile and fintech hybrid network launches in the UK

A new disruptor brand has launched within the UK’s mobile network space, combining fintech and telecoms through its service.

On the surface, To The Moon might look like any other mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), offering customers a range of data bundles, unlimited UK calls and SMS, and inclusive EU roaming. However, this service also features an integrated crypto wallet.

The crypto wallet enables customers to manage their funds and mobile ‘needs’ from within one app, which also provides live support with human customer service reps. The crypto wallet won’t be fully functional until the end of November but, from today, customers are able to familiarise themselves with the app’s interface and different cryptocurrencies and their rates.

“This year has shown how uncertain the future can feel. We want to remove some of that uncertainty by giving our customers more flexibility and power to choose what they pay for in a mobile service, without the pressure of long-term tie-in commitments,” said Andy Hallam, UK CEO at To The Moon.

 “On top of this is a belief that crypto currencies are the future. To support this, we’re enabling our UK mobile customers to manage their mobile service a crypto wallet all within one ecosystem for the very first time. This ‘fintel’ combination, alongside our in-app customer support, is just the start of our journey as a brand that is serious about the future.”

To The Moon, which is powered by EE’s mobile network, has data bundles starting at £6 per month for 2GB of data and up to £25 per month for 50GB. Users are able to select the amount of data they want via a bundle slider scale. To begin with, customers will be able to take advantage of a free, seven-day 500MB trial.