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Mobile Retail Summit

David Murphy

The retail landscape is changing like never before, and the sector is set for even more rapid change over the next three years, as retailers respond to changing consumer behaviour, particularly around the use of mobile in the shopping process.

The Mobile Retail Summit, now in its second year, offers retailers the opportunity to explore how mobile is impacting the retail landscape, and what their business needs to do stay ahead of the game.

The day is divided into four streams - On Device, Driving Footfall, In-store and The Future. On Device will explore how retailers are generating sales on mobile and tablet devices, through transactional mobile sites and apps.

Driving Footfall will explain how to use mobile advertising, couponing and location-based services to drive customers into physical or digital retail outlets. In-store will examine how mobile can assist the shopping experience in store, through initiatives as diverse as free wi-fi, iPad kiosks, store guide apps, and mobile payments.

Finally, The Future looks at the future of retail and the part that mobile and other digital technologies will play in it. Each session will benefit from the input of retailers and mobile marketing experts, who will share their experiences in the mobile channel, and offer an insight into the next big thing in each subject area.

If you work in retail or with retailers, it’s an event you can’t afford to miss. To regitser, head for the event website, and use the code, MRS15, to claim a 15 per cent discount off the price of a delegate pass.