Currys celebrates diversity in gaming with Jungle Creations content partnership

Electrical goods retailer Currys has launched a month-long content partnership with Jungle Creations titled ‘Currys. The home of gaming’, brokered by Spark Foundry and SPP Media 

The gaming community is currently made up of people of any age, ethnicity, gender and background. However, there are still pervasive stereotypes around the attributes of the ‘average’ gamer. This campaign celebrates the diverse modern gaming community and aims to show that whatever kind of a gamer you are, Currys is the home for you. Curry’s own research, compiled by its gaming proposition, Publicis Play*, shows that 46 per cent of gamers are female, 29 per cent identify as disabled, and 15 per cent are from minority ethnic groups. There is also a significant increase in the older age groups year on year, with more than 32 per cent aged 55-64.  

The identities of gamers who log on to public forums are often shrouded in mystery, with many players interacting in the same digital arena without any in-person contact. As a result, there is a tendency to assume that all players fit a similar demographic, even within the community itself. This campaign combats preconceptions by removing anonymity from these forums and revealing the true faces of gamers through three content episodes, each featuring a major gaming brand – Xbox: Squad Goals; Nintendo: Switch it up; and Intel: Guess the Gamer.  

The bespoke content will be housed on Jungle Creations’ people-focused entertainment brand VT for the duration of the four-week campaign and seeded across additional social platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This will be accompanied by interactive Instagram Stories shot in a Currys store, featuring a Currys expert advising on how to identify the right console and set up for different types of gamers.  

“We love that this campaign challenges the gaming stereotype and reveals the many different types of people that make the community so rich and varied,” said Ernest Osafo, Senior Advertising & Digital Manager at Currys. “Contrary to what is still the typical image of a male teenager sitting in a basement, our research shows that almost half of gamers are female with significant proportions who identify as disabled or from minority ethnic groups.”