GyPSii Celebrates Nokia Accreditation

David Murphy

GyPSii, the geo-location and social networking platform and service for mobile phones and other Internet-connected devices, has revealed that the Symbian version of its GyPSii application has been accredited by Nokia for its N95 and 6110 Navigator mobile phones.
GyPSii combines a social networking platform, location-based news, and services such as search and friend-finder, and user generated content-creation and sharing, in a web-based application. 
Designed specifically for use on a mobile phone, the GyPSii platform is already compatible with Windows Mobile devices. With the addition of Symbian and Nokia support, GyPSii is now available on the vast majority of mobile phones and almost any Internet connected device. GyPSii for Nokia and Windows Mobile is available for download at the company's website
Consumer demand for mobile location based services is rising dramatically, and widespread handset compatibility is key to any company wishing to launch new and exciting services such as GyPSii into that market, says GyPSii CEO, Dan Harple. Symbian is the dominant handset operating system, and Nokia the dominant handset manufacturer - as demonstrated by its increase in global market share to 39% and sales of some 111 million devices in Q3 of 2007 alone. Adding Symbian capability, accredited by Nokia, to the GyPSii platform is therefore a major breakthrough and milestone endorsement." 
Bena Roberts, Chief Mobile Search Analyst at BKI Media says that geo-location is nearing the tipping point.
It's the connector that is currently missing from the mobile search, data and UGMC market, she says. But soon it will, without a doubt, be the backbone of the mobile communication ecosystem. Knowing where your friends are, how to meet them, where they have been and what they thought of it, will transform the mobile interface from a passive device to an active, addictive tool."
GyPSii integrates a wide range of location-specific functions and services into a single easy-to-use interface that works on GPS and non-GPS-enabled devices alike. These functions include user-generated content, friend finding and sharing, and also Point-of-Interest (POI) proximity search for immediate surroundings, maps and directions.