Mobycards Seeks Affiliates

David Murphy


Mobile postcard company Mobycards has launched a free affiliate programme that offers travel companies the ability to target new prospects via their existing customers in the form of branded mobile postcards.

Mobycards enables travellers to compose personalised postcards on their mobile phones, that are then sent as an MMS to be printed and delivered through the mail as a physical postcard. The Mobycards affiliate programme will enable travel companies to create a bespoke co-branded mobile postcard service, in order to extend the reach of their brand to potential new audiences free of charge.

Affiliates can register for the service at the Mobycards website. Affiliates are required to provide contact details, a company logo and a strapline, which is incorporated into each postcard. Affiliates can then decide whether to sell the service to customers over the counter via pre-pay vouchers, or whether it should be charged direct to a users mobile phone bill. The website also offers practical help in promoting and marketing the service.

Mobycards is initially targeting the service at the Brazilian market, in response to the Rio state assemblys recent decision to approve a ban on the images of bikini-clad women which are ubiquitous at newsstands throughout Rio de Janeiro.

Branded mobile postcards from Mobycards are an optin service. Travel companies can decide how much to charge customers for each mobile postcard, with the minimum retail price set at 1.20, plus the standard cost of sending an MMS message.

To use the service, travellers simply take a photo with their camera phone or select one they have already taken, and use it to create a new MMS picture message. In the text part of the MMS message, they type a designated keyword, such as the name of the travel company, followed by the full name and address of the recipient. The personal greeting can be as long as they like but must fit on the back of a standard sized postcard. They then send the MMS picture message to +447921 50 50 50.

The Mobycard service works with all UK SIM cards and postcards will be delivered anywhere in the world.

Mobycards is a trading division of iTAGG, a provider of mobile solutions to consumers and businesses. The company handles two-way text messaging, micro-billing, Java, WAP and MMS services for customers including Live8, Orange, The Liberal Democrats party, Ellen McArthur and The Good Pub Guide. Mobycards also powers the mobile postcard service.