Psychological Technologies offers its apps for free for a week to commemorate World Mental Health Day

David Murphy

UK startup Psychological Technologies (PSYT) is offering its range of apps designed to empower users to take care of their own mental health free between 10 and 17 October to commemorate World Mental Health Day, which takes place on 10 October.

The company has developed three apps: Grief Works, Anxiety Solution and Self Compassion. In each, a structured, guided and interactive programme takes the user through a self-therapeutic  process broken down into bite-sized chunks that they can work through at their own pace. Users are encouraged to absorb helpful information and ideas, and are shown how to apply the advice to their own life with interactive tools they can access anytime. It’s only through contemplation and taking action that habits are formed, so the apps are practical in nature, encouraging real, lasting change. 

The Grief Works app offers an innovative new way to receive grief therapy through a phone. Based on the best-selling book by leading grief expert Julia Samuel, MBE, the developer say this tried-and-tested grief management tool has helped hundreds of people move to a place of acceptance and live happy fulfilled lives, even after experiencing the devastation of losing a loved one.

The Anxiety Solution app combines cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness,  breathing tools, sleep stories and other tools to allow people to understand their anxiety and learn how to manage it. It features more than 70 easy-to-use tools and step-by-step advice from anxiety coach Chloe Brotheridge.

The Self Compassion App takes its lead from groundbreaking research carried out by Dr Chris Irons and Dr Elaine Beaumont, using the field of Compassion Focussed Therapy to empower users to take a kinder stance towards themselves, through more than 50 interactive practices and daily tools.

“It’s easy to neglect our mental health, and argue that we don’t have time to work on it." said PSYT Co-founder, Nick Begley. "We wanted to make the benefits of therapy available to everyone, at the cost of a coffee a week, and through our apps, we know we can provide immediate help to those who need it, at scale.”