Reebok Challenges Instagram Users to a Virtual Run with #HuntforthePump

Alex Spencer

[caption id="attachment_53453" align="alignleft" width="195"]Can you spot the pump in this picture? Can you spot the pump in this picture?[/caption]

Reebok has launched an Instagram campaign, '#HuntforthePump' to promote its ZPump range.

Created by agency Venables, Bell & Partners, the campaign takes advantage of the grid layout of the Instagram app to create a 'virtual run' experience. Individual photos are arranged into a single scene on each page, with with a small 'the Pump' logo hidden in one photo.

If users spot this logo, they can select the relevant picture and then click the tag to see a second account with another set of photos – and another hidden pump.

Progress can be tracked on a microsite, and users who find all 17 pumps are entered into a competition to win a pair of ZPump trainers.