Relate and Ogilvy launch 'Let's Talk the Joy of Later Life Sex' campaign

Gabby Fernie

Relationship charity Relate has teamed up with global advertising group Ogilvy UK to unveil the 'Let's Talk the Joy of Later Life Sex' campaign. 

The promotion, shot by British photographer Rankin, features five older couples and one woman in their most intimate settings and explores everything from long-term love to the more risqué.

In response to a lack of older generational intimacy in advertising, Relate aims to champion sex and intimacy in our later years. 

According to a poll undertaken by 3Gem market research, over two-thirds (67 per cent) of over 65-year-olds say that sex and intimacy for their age group is rarely or never represented in the media, compared to a fifth (20 per cent) of 18 to 24-year-olds. Only one fifth of Brits think society is ok with talking about sex and intimacy in people aged over 60. 

'Let's Talk the Joy of Later Life Sex' aims to smash this taboo. The cast are real people (not actors or models) of varying ethnicities, sizes, shapes and sexualities, with the aim of showing that we can all feel empowered to think and talk about sex and intimacy as we grow older.

Featuring a hero 30” film and eight print executions, the creative will be appearing nationwide from today across DOOH, press and digital. Interviews with all cast members will also feature on Relate’s own channels.

“We’re hugely grateful to everyone involved in creating this important and beautiful campaign. Working with Ogilvy UK, Rankin and the wonderful older people filmed and photographed has been a pleasure and we hope it will get people talking about what sex and intimacy in later life means to them," said Director of Communications and Engagement at Relate, Sarah Milsom.

"Relate’s Sex Therapy services are here for all adults at all stages of life to help improve communication, intimacy and wellbeing. As well as sparking conversations, we hope this tasteful, intimate and joyful campaign helps older people to feel more represented and able to reach out for support if it’s needed."